Exide Solar 200AH Battery 6LMS200L


Exide Solar 200AH Battery 6LMS200L

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Exide Solar 200AH, 12V Tall Tubular Battery @ C10 Rating 6LMS200L Lead Acid Rechargeable Storage Type for Solar Hybrid Inverter UPS for Solar Off-Grid Applications, Home Equipments, Office rooftop solution, Residential & Commercial Applications, power solution systems for Renewable PV Energy.

Exide SolaTubular Recyclable Batteries manufactured are many steps ahead of other available options in the market. The reasons that make this product a much superior performer is the selectively chosen alloy, high pressure casting in HADI machines, in-house oxide formulation, imported microporous separators and vent plugs. The combination of low antimony alloy in the positive spine and ceramic vent plugs which reduces topping up frequency, Making the battery low maintenance type and keeps the float charging current at lower value

Exide Solar 200AH Tall Tubular Battery 6LMS200L


  • 200AH, 12V @ C10 Rating Tall Tubular Battery
  • 60 months* Free Replacement Warranty.
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter UPS Battery Storage
  • Lead Acid Storage Type
  • PPCP Containers with low permeability ensures that there is no water loss.
  • High tensile, acid resistant polyester gauntlets
  • Microporous Ceramic Vent Plugs
  • Ideally Designed for Cyclic Applications.
  • Superior Voltage & Energy Output profile
  • Designed cycle Life 1500 Cycles to 80% DOD
  • Supplied in Factory Charged Conditions.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low rate of Self discharge


  • Solar Off-Grid Application.
  • Solar Lighting System.
  • Solar PV Systems.
  • Solar Power Solution systems.
  • Solar Hybrid System
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Home, Office, Industrial Equipments.
  • Commercial applications
  • rooftop solutions.

NOTE: Battery Capacity may change for different applications.

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